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𓅱Birdy's Quest Conversions (Base Price $5)𓅱

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𓅱Birdy's Quest Conversions (Base Price $5)𓅱

2 ratings

Important details are marked in bold

: These conversions are only for creators and THEIR models. I will not make a conversion of a model you have bought as there can be complications with that.


  • If your avatar is over ~300k polys, has a lot of mesh/material change toggles, has a lot of materials or is generally unoptimised I might need to bring it into Blender to just optimise it a little by removing doubles, atlasing stuff etc. Decimating is a last resort as it might fuck stuff up including shapekeys and weight painting. Meshes may need to be deleted (Such as chains or small accessories, even if they're toggleable on the PC side, just to make the poly count a lil less).
  • Material changes (Such as skin change toggles) may need to be made into different prefabs rather than having them be toggles. That's what I did for Bellamus PRIME and El Gato. It's more optimised and I don't see why someone might need to change skin colour mid-game lol.
  • The 'Quest models have to be 70k polys' thing is a myth; they do not HAVE to be 70k polys, that's just what's recommended.
  • Quest models do not have an option to change the culling direction, so if you have normals in the wrong direction I'll have to flip them in blender but easily done.
  • Quest models CANNOT have transparency. If the model has a lot of transparency it might have no hope of looking good on quest. Fishnets and smaller parts are saveable through texture work. This means that assets such as the ZinPia head which uses a lot of transparency probably have no hope on Quest...
  • Quest models CANNOT have cool stuff like spring joints and cannot have avatar audio, this includes music, sound effects activated by touch triggers, etc. I will not add a Quest Compatible marker. Quest models can have particles but due to there being no transparency, the particles will show up as big phat squares, so if this is not wanted I will just delete any particles.
  • I will of course test if the model can successfully be uploaded to Quest but I will not be able to test it on the Quest platform (Sorry). If you have any Questies in your audience you can always ask them to test it out, or I'd be happy to ask someone in my Quest audience to test it too!
  • I will most likely combine bones (E.g merging the weights of 16 hair bones into just 4) so that the model can have more physbones.
  • I will not make Quest hue shift. It's super unoptimised and will make it hard to convert bigger models. I am instead happy to make multiple prefabs of the model in different colours.
  • I will send frequent updates and let you know beforehand if anything needs to be changed or if anything becomes an issue.
  • I ask that you don't pay me beforehand, it may be difficult for me to determine a price from the get-go having not fully inspected the model. I will never ask you to pay extra for anything (such as fees) and I will try to determine a price as soon as possible and will try not to alter the price from there. I will ask for payment once I have shown you the completed and upload-tested model and you are happy with it.
  • I honestly can't say what delivery time will be because I DON'T BELIEVE IN MYSELF AJHSAJHSDS but anyways hopefully it will be one day to a week from the day I start working on it. I'll update this last one once I have done a couple conversions, I've never done any for someone else before except friends.
  • I will give my full attention to the person who is at the top of the waitlist and will not work on anyone else's models until theirs is done.
  • I won't accept the avatar as payment buuut I'll accept it as a gift if you want lmao, that's all up to you.
  • I have the right to reject you if I know you to have a bad past or don't trust you.
  • Credit to my discord (Birdy#9565) is required please :>
  • I have a tutorial on how to do this all yourself if you don't wanna pay lol

Prices (Per model)

  • Base - $5
  • Unoptimised model (Blender work) - +$5-20 depending on workload
  • Extra texture work (Very unlikely unless there's a lot of transparency) - +$0-5
  • Extra prefabs (For different colours to replace hue shift) - +$5-10


  • Do NOT purchase this product before following these instructions
  • Join my server
  • Check my #quest-conversions channel under Birdy's Stuff
  • IF it's open and has a free space then DM me to inquire. If it's not open then DM me and I'll give you a role so I can ping you next time it's open.
  • Please make sure you have read everything on this post as it details very important thing that I will need to talk to you about.
  • We will have a short conversation about the models QUEST POTENTIAL (such as if transparency may be an issue or anything)
  • If too many issues are spotted then I may not be able to convert your avatar to Quest the way you want me to. BUT IF NOT:
  • I will add you to the queue and then let you know when I am ready to start on yours!
  • I will need you to send me the PC Unity Package for the avatar as well as the FBX if not included in the package. Using a Scene over a Prefab is preferable.
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